Manga Previews for April

This is what I think looks good when preordering manga for April:


Gente By Natsume Ono – I haven’t read Ristorante Paradiso yet, but it has been getting a generally warm reception from most manga bloggers. This continues the series, which seems to revolve around cute guys in glasses working at a restaurant.

Dengeki Daisy – New shoujo series! This appears to be about a girl inheriting a cell phone after her brother’s death and the mysterious person who text messages her.

Ongoing series:

Nana #21
Fullmetal Alchemist #23 – I collect this, and yet I’ve fallen several volumes behind in reading it. I think I need to set aside an afternoon and work through the stack.
Vagabond VizBig #8 – Always a must-buy

There are a few things I’m not getting because I’m holding off due to budgetary reasons, like Ouran High School Host Club, We Were There, and Natusume’s Book of Friends.


Suppli is back! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Suppli #4 – This josei series has been on hiatus but I’m very happy the 4th volume is being published.
Shinobi Life #4 – One of my favorite shoujo romance series from Tokyopop.
Maid Sama #5 and Happy Cafe #3 – Fun, if slight shoujo. I’m still hoping Happy Cafe gets better but Maid Sama is usually entertaining.


Chi’s Sweet Home – Happy cat manga is not usually my bag, but this is supposed to be ultra-charming so I may pick it up.
Twin Spica #2 – Haven’t read the first one yet, but I do like some nice science fiction.


This looks like some josei manhwa, perhaps?

There’s Something About Sunyool by Youngran Lee Sunyool Lee is looking for the perfect man to share her life with. But things are not always what they seem; the perfect groom gets cold feet on the night of their honeymoon, and their married life is cut short when her father is convicted of bribery. She quickly finds herself divorced and back at the bottom of the social ladder, but she picks up the pieces and starts a new life. Years go by, and Sunyool has found some financial stability as a pastry chef but her love life is as rocky as ever and the return of her lawyer ex-husband only complicates things further with her gay would-be lover. Will Sunyool ever find true love and more importantly, herself?


Phantom Guesthouse by Nari Kusakawa – I really need to finish a Kusakawa series. I’ve sampled a bit of Two Flowers for the Dragon but I haven’t collected the other volumes yet. I will check out this complete in one volume manga though!