Manga Previews for February

Here’s what I think looks good:


Stolen Hearts #2
Venus Cappricio #4

Digital Manga Publishing

Red Angel – If the vampire manga currently out isn’t enough for you, there’s this: Mika, a transfer student, is a girl as beautiful as an angel. She invites her new friend Nana to her house, where Mika’s brother Koryu fascinates her. But between these beautiful siblings lies a hidden secret. They are actually vampires with red wings attached to their backs. They have survived for eternity, yearning to live under the sun’s rays and drinking the blood of humans.

The goofy yaoi title of the month is Digital Manga Publishing’s How to Control a Sidecar, which appears to be about a love triangle involving a bartender.


Songs to Make You Smile by Natsuki Takaya – Short stories from the creator of Fruits Basket.
V.B. Rose #8


Flower in a Storm – I’m really liking the new cover art for this new shojo beat title. Riko Kunimi is trying to lead a normal high school life when Ran Tachibana bursts into her classroom carrying a gun and tells her that her life is now his. Ran, the richest, most powerful 17-year-old in Japan wants her as his wife, and he’s not taking no for an answer! If Ran can’t capture her by five o’clock the next day, he’ll give up on her, but he has all that money can buy at his disposal. However, Riko has one trick up her sleeve–she has superpowers!

Otomen #6
Sand Chronicles #8
We Were There #10


Twin Spica – I think Vertical deserves bonus karma points for bringing us more manga sci-fi. I’m really looking forward to this series. The debut series from from one Japan’s brightest manga stars, Twin Spica expresses a sense of hope and humanity developed through the advances of science, technology, and community. Asumi Kamokawa’s dreams to someday go to space may come true if she applies herself, studies hard, and gains admittance to the Tokyo Space Academy, the ultimate high school of the future. With the help of a classmate, she can find the path that will lead her to the stars.

Yen Press

Yotsuba&! #8 -It is so nice that new volumes of Yotsuba are coming out. This series just makes me smile.