January Previews for Manga

This is what I think looks interesting:


House of Five Leaves #1 – One of my favorite Sigikki titles. I definitely want to see the print version.

Stepping on Roses #1 – I really liked Ueda’s other series, Tail of the Moon. This one sounds a little more more typical shoujo though: Can Sumi fool high society into thinking she’s a proper lady? Moreover, is it worth giving up everything she knows for this sham of a marriage? I suspect I’ll prefer Ueda’s historical adventure series and am secretly hoping that someone will license Ryo which features a warrior-monk and a time-traveling girl.

Ongoing Series:

Honey Hunt #4
Ooku #3
Vagabond VizBig #7
20th Century Boys #8


Red Hot Chili Samurai #1 – I’m not sure if the actual manga can possibly be as interesting as the title, but I liked the cover design for this title.

Ongoing Series:

Happy Cafe #2
Maid Sama #4


Diamond Girl #1 – It is rare for sports manga featuring girls to make their way over here. Crimson Hero is the only one I can think of. This sounds cute: Tsubura has just moved to the countryside and is ready for some peace and quiet. At her new school, all she wants is to blend in. But when an errant ball shatters through her classroom window and she springs into action, Tsubura reveals her hidden talent for baseball. The school team is determined to get her to join and help to transform them from the worst to the best. No one really understands why Tsubura hates the sport, but their efforts to recruit her might just drive her away.

Name of the Flower #4 – Last volume! I’m hoping for good thing for the ending and dreading it at the same time.
Fire Investigator Nanase #4 – There are a couple CMX series I need to get caught up on. I enjoyed the first two volumes of this series which should appeal to anyone who likes episodic crime television shows.

Digital Manga Publishing

Itazura Na Kiss #2 – Yes, please!

Yen Press

Bunny Drop #1 – This is a josei title, so I feel I should pick it up even though the plot doesn’t sound very compelling to me: Returning to his family’s estate for his grandfather’s funeral; thirtysomething bachelor Daikichi discovers that the old man had an illegitimate child with a much younger lover! Needless to say, the rest of the family is shocked and embarrassed by this turn of events, and not one of them wants anything to do with the little girl, who refuses to say a word. Daikichi decides to adopt her, but is living with an overgrown teenager the key to making Rin come out of her shell?