First Week of Manga Views

If you want to keep up with what’s going on over at Manga Views, I have a blog over there where I post about site updates and improvements. I’m happy to see so many people registering and using the site. Our manga review list has gotten so long, I switched it to a paginated format. Not all the manga on the list have reviews yet, but we’ve got a great structure to build on. I think we started with only around 25-30 individual manga in the system and probably 50+ reviews for the manga. Now we have over 150 manga and I think 200+ reviews.

I thought I’d highlight a couple manga pages that have multiple reviews so you can see how the site works to collect opinions from different manga blogs. One title that captured a lot of attention when it was released was Black Bird, and we’ve collected six reviews for it. Critical darling Children of the Sea has seven reviews you can browse. I’m hoping that collecting these reviews will be useful as we will continue to add more content. I often find that when I’m looking for manga reviews on google or another search engine I end up having to filter through a ton of scanlation sites in order to find a couple reviews, so I’m hoping that Manga Views will help to provide a central place to find reviews from a variety of bloggers.