Manga Series in Limbo

The perilous world of publishing sometimes leaves fans in the lurch with little explanation. I thought I’d compile a list of titles that I followed that are left hanging:

Walkin’ Butterfly 4 – On the publisher’s web site it has a release date of Dec 2009, but I wonder if I’ll ever see it. It seems to me that Aurora has been running their sale on their catalog forever and I haven’t seen any new titles solicited from them. I enjoyed this josei series, and think it is too bad that the publisher switched more to publishing yaoi over josei, although I can understand why they would if josei doesn’t sell. I wonder if they’ll make it to December.

Song of the Hanging Sky #3 – This was solicited through Previews and then canceled. The information on Amazon had March 2009 as the release date. I hope it comes out, the other volumes in the series were unique and featured beautiful art.

Suppli – I’ve given up on this, as comments from Tokyopop seem to indicate that it doesn’t sell well enough to put additional volumes out, which is a shame.

Queen’s Knight – I think it was the eagle-eyed Kuri-osity who spotted a listing of Queen’s Knight 13 with a release date of summer 2010. I am not sure if I dare to hope that this series will be coming out again.