Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #9 (second series)

On the cover of this issue Amethyst journeys through a magic portal leaving Emmy and Taffy behind. Creepy looking lizard creatures surround her. The text on the cover proclaims “It starts here…a nightmare journey of discovery!” The title of the issue is “Dreams of Glory, Dreams of Death!” Sounds ominous! This issue features the much appreciated return of Ernie Colon on art, who uses many nontraditional panel layouts to contribute to the unsettling feeling of Amy’s nightmare.

A noseless flesh colored creature sits at the foot of Amy’s bed, wondering if she can be the person his masters fear. He senses that she has an aura of incredible power that indicates she may be a match for the Ancient ones. He sees her true spirit, Amethyst, returning to her body. As Amy struggles to wake he puts his hand on her forehead saying “I will lead you through a dream from which you will not awaken! Not now– or ever!”

Amy journeys through a nightmarish version of the Gemworld, filled with the distorted faces of her acquaintances there. She is now the focus for the people that want to destroy the Gemworld. Amy stands on top of Castle Amethyst, and Citrina greets her. Except Amy can tell it isn’t really Citrina.

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It introduces itself as a Dream Weaver, and says that Amy doesn’t know anything about the true origin of the Gemworld. It will give Amy knowledge of the ancient debt that she inherited from the witch-mother, but Amy must accept the Dream Weaver as Citrina to receive the knowledge from the dream.

On Earth Amy’s parents are hanging out with Emmy, who is fascinated with the magical world of television. Emmy heads up to bed and the Winstons wish they could lead a normal life with both girls without the influence of the Gemworld. Emmy sees the Dream Weaver crouched over Amy and yells “By my sister’s jewel, get away from her you demon!” The Dream Weaver tells Amy to order her friend not to interfere. Amy tells Emmy not to bother Citrina. Emmy is flabbergasted that the thing is Citrina and it says “If I choose, then in her dream I am Citrina! Her dream is mine to rule– and your interference will do no good!”

Citrina tells Amy to dream of her death. Amy doesn’t want to relive the moment when the witch-mother died. Prince Garnet suddenly appears, telling Amy that she is with an evil agent of the ancient ones. Amy says “Hush, don’t tell me that, Prince Garnet! You’ll ruin my dream. She’s Citrina to me– she told me so!” The Dream Weaver/Citrina shows Amy memories of the death of Fire Jade and a scene of Fire Jade seducing Prince Topaz. Amy wonders how Citrina knows this since she was in a coma. Amy remembers the defeat of Dark Opal, the death of Granch, and her arrival on the Gemworld via the Ogre Kidnapping Express. Amy sees the death of her parents and her own birth. The Dream Weaver asks if Amy wants to see the past events that shaped the beginning of the Gemworld. Amy asks to see everything.

On Earth Carl has obviously been watching lame teen movies. He throws rocks at Rita’s window to wake her up. She opens the window and asks if he’s crazy. He says “I’ve got to talk to you Rita. I can’t stop thinking of you! I can’t eat, I can’t sleep…” Rita comes outside to meet him on the porch. Carl gives her a cameo. Rita says that she has another piece of jewelry with a face. Carl would LOVE to see it. Carnelian is so sneaky!

Prince Garnet scales a mountain in order to talk to the ancient ones. When he gets there a green flat looking creature hanging out in a lamp yells “Garnet! We have been waiting for you! You have defied us!” Garnet’s suspicion is proved – the ancient ones do want to destroy the Gemworld. He tells the Ancient One that Amethyst will stop them. It says that Amethyst is already in their grasp, and Garnet’s choice is to perish with the Gemworld or serve them for all eternity. I wonder if there is a third option?

The Dream Weaver shows Amy images of her parents and Citrina as a young girl. Amy sees the great migration of magical creatures from the Earth to the Gemworld. Everyone looks happy as they arrive on their new world. Amy sees further back in time to the moment before Citrina created the Gemworld. Citrina sits on a rock, striking a bargain with the Ancient Ones.

Amy starts to feel uneasy. She sees Citrina agree that when her life is over she will give the Ancient Ones the Gemworld. Amy realizes that Citrina did break her vow when she transferred the essence of the Gemworld to Amethyst.

The Dream Weaver agrees and says that it must kill Amy. It drops the illusion that caused Amy to see it as Citrina, and Amy decides to fight back. Citrina must have had a reason for cheating the Ancient Ones, and Amy is going to find the answer. She flees through space and time.

On earth the Dream Weaver crouches over Amy, with open jaws dripping saliva. Amy’s dog Taffy leaps towards the bed and snaps at the creature. It runs away.

Amy wakes up and Emmy is delighted. Amy says that she had the strangest dream, “It was beautiful and scary at the same time, but I wasn’t afraid. It was a dream ’cause I was sleeping, but it also really happened!” She explains to Emmy about the pact that Citrina made with the Ancient Ones, and how the Ancient Ones broke the spirit of the deal first by sending bad things to the Gemworld like Dark Opal and Fire Jade to hasten Citrina’s aging. It is now Amethyst’s duty to make sure that the Gemworld lives on. Amy decides that she has to return to the Gemworld to prevent the Ancient Ones from dismantling it. Amy can sense that her powers have been augmented and she’ll be able to blast her way through the clogged pathway between worlds and reach her castle. She tells Emmy to stay behind to explain everything to her parents.

Amethyst transports herself to Castle Amethyst and decides to seek out the Ancient Ones before they find her.

Garnet senses that the Gemworld is calm again and the agent of the Ancient Ones has failed. The Ancient Ones will still forgive Garnet if he returns to serve them. He answers “This is my world, and these are my people! Amethyst is my princess — and I will stand or perish by her side.” The Ancient One prophecies doom. Prince Garnet is ok with that. He’s so loyal, unlike certain other princes who I will not name.