What I’m ordering in June

This is going to be a light month for me. I’m trying to reign in the monthly manga budget a little bit.


Make Love & Peace – The travails of a college student who has a police detective boyfriend.

As usual Viz gets most of my manga money.

High School Debut #5
Nana #12
Skip Beat #14
Sand Chronicles #3
Vagabond (Vizbig edition) – I’m happy Viz is reissuing this series. I picked up the first volume a long time ago, but I never read the rest of the series. I think this series will be fun to read in the collected chunks of an omnibus edition.


Queen’s Knight – I hope this isn’t on the chopping block with Tokyopop scaling back on their catalog.
If I had more money I’d be getting (all from Viz):

Honey and Clover #3
Monkey High #3
Mixed Vegetables #1 Hanayu knows that it will break her parents’ hearts if she defects from the bakery to become a sushi chef. But if she marries into a sushi family, they’ll have to understand her decision. Now she just has to get Hayato Hyuga interested in her, and what better way than to wow him with her cooking skills? – I tend to enjoy cooking manga, so I’ll likely try to get this from the library. I don’t see how someone can betray a bakery in favor of sushi though. Sushi is ok, but I like bread much much more.