Le Chevalier d’Eon

Le Chevalier d’Eon 3/5 stars

Le Chevalier d’Eon features a combination of cross dressing and horror that I think one would be hard pressed to find anywhere outside manga. Eighteenth century France is afflicted with a peculiar kind of literary serial killer. Poets seem to be suddenly compelled to write psalms using the blood of virgins. The murderers are opposed by the woman who calls herself the Chevalier Sphinx, except she’s really a man! By day d’ Eon is a hapless member of the Paris police, but when evil serial killer poets strike he becomes possessed by the spirit of his dead sister Lia, so he puts on a pretty dress, high heels, and a wig in order to run around with a sword saying things like “In the Beginning was the Word!” and “Death to All Wicked Poets!” The plot of the book is somewhat incomprehensible. In addition to the evil poets, d’Eon must cope with being a secret agent to the King, and his daughter the Princess Sophie has some sort of link to the evil force behind the horrible psalms as the verses appear in backward form on her skin, and her language abilities have deteriorated to the point where she can only say the word “Palmss.” The art has a thick black line, which serves to make the evil poets look more reptilian and the blood more drippy. D’Eon spends his time in this volume going after evil poets, aided by his assistant Robin. The plot is a little scattered, and I’m wondering if this book gets better in later volumes, because the storyline and characters didn’t really grab my attention. D’Eon is based on a historical figure, and the extras in the back of the book feature a little bit of information about the real d’Eon as well as extensive translation notes.