More Home Improvement

One of the weirdest things about my condo was the old owner putting in a fake wine bar where the hallway closet used to be. You don’t get the full effect in this photo, but you can get the general idea: there was a shelf around chest high, another shelf with plastic wine glass holders, and wine themed wallpaper:

weird front closet

There was no way to hang up a coat, or use the space for anything you would want to use a hallway closet for. Oh! and there are no doors for the closet either.

A couple days ago my esteemed husband, Mr. Tangognat, started banging away at the shelves and this is what it looks like now:


I think already this is a great aesthetic improvement, because the only person the old closet would have appealed to was the elderly dipso with the strange fetish for wallpaper borders who installed it in the first place. Unfortunately a craftsman screwdriver gave up its life in the struggle against the nightmarish faux wine bar. Rest in peace, little craftsman screwdriver, rest in peace.