Books Read, March 2007


Last Supper by Charles McCarry – This goes into great detail about the background of McCarry’s master spy Paul Christopher.
Amazing Grace by by Megan Shull – I read this for my YA book group. It was a cute chick-lit style novel about a teen tennis sensation dropping out and living a normal life, but I thought the ending was very rushed.
Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn – After reading three of the Twelve Houses series, I was a little disappointed to get to the end of this book to see that there was no progression with the threatened civil war that keeps looming over the characters. I wonder if it will be addressed in the fourth book, Reader and Raelynx.
The Prestige by Christopher Priest – Now I understand why people who read the book were commenting about the movie ending.


Hana Kimi #1-16 (reread)
Boys Over Flowers #22
Absolute Boyfriend #3
Basara #22 – So this had a plot twist that took me by surprise. I wasn’t shocked that Shuri decided to fight for Tatara, but in the process he loses his arms? He’s the Red King because his cloak is stained with his own blood?! Yikes!
Nana #5
Girl Got Game #2, 4, 5
Hana Kimi #17
Chikyu Misaki #3
Mushishi #1