Manga Giveaway Results

Here is a sampling of lovely haiku that people sent me.

Chloe wrote a haiku that everyone can relate to:

The clerk eyes my pile
Dozens of volumes stacked high
My paycheck waves adieu

Bill wrote:

I suck at haiku.
All poetry confounds me.
My apologies.

Anne wrote:

my manga, I love
shojo, shonen, yaoi, hai!
I must have them all

Dan wrote:

TangognaT haiku:
Linens for manga blogger;
(fourth celebration).

On to the giveaway winners! All the names of the contest winners were selected through a careful and randomized process involving little bits of paper, a bowl, and Mr. Tangognat randomly grabbing one piece of paper per title.

My youngest sister wrote this lovely haiku:

nepotism is
a good thing, gives warm fuzzies
of sisterhood. yay!

This appeal to nepotism was totally unnecessary, because she ended up randomly getting Backstage Prince anyway.

Black Cat goes to Richenda W. from Oregon!

Sgt Frog goes to Kenneth C from Washington. He wrote a haiku about a palindrome:

Love to spell “race car”
Backwards and forward the same
Kind of blows my mind

Otogi Zoshi goes to fellow library blogger Jen

Zombie Powder goes to Kathleen K for the North Village Branch Library in Austin, TX!

Pet Shop of Horrors goes to Michelle M from Virginia

Train + Train goes to Cynthia C from Maryland

Versus goes to David S for the Dine College Library in New Mexico!

D-Gray Man goes to Katherine from Pop Culture Shock

Golgo 13:Supergun goes to Dave from Yet Another Comics Blog

Beck goes to Niki S from the state my husband calls “God’s Country” aka Ohio

Kurogane goes to Anne H from South Dakota

Othello goes to Quynh P from Georgia

Banya the Explosive Delivery Man
goes to Carolyn W from Florida

The Cantarella READ poster goes to Joey L from New York (Joey, if you don’t want the poster, let me know).

Now for the extras!

Julie wrote the haiku:

Borgia is so hot!
Happy Anniversary!
Give me the poster!

She didn’t get the poster, but I’m hoping that several Cantarella bookmarks will help her deal with the disappointment.

A few people entered the contest on behalf of their libraries, so I tried to put some extra things aside for them.
Shannon from the Playa Vista Branch Library in Los Angeles, CA gets the three volume manhwa series Priceless and the CLAMP book The One I Love. I’m also throwing in a Viz sneak peaks book and a CMX preview volume.

Kathleen from the North Village Branch Library in Austin, TX got Zombie Powder, but she’s also getting the first volumes of Ultra Maniac and OEL manga Fool’s Gold. Also, a Shojo Beat sneak peaks book and a CMX preview volume.

The Dine College Library gets Versus. They’re also going to get a partial set of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Vol 1, 4-7, and 10), Blue by Kiriko Nananan, Basilisk #1, and Blue Spring.

That’s it! Thanks to everyone who entered! It will probably take several days for the winners to get their manga because I’m going to send everything media mail and I’m still waiting for the ALA store to send me some Cantarella goodies to include in the packages. I’ll try to e-mail everyone when the packages are in the mail.