6 weird things

These memes spread like a horrible virulent disease. I’ve been tagged again.

So, 6 weird things about me:

1) During my high school years, I attended 4 different high schools in two states.
2) I’ve studied Russian, French, and Japanese, although I only remember a little bit of French and some Japanese.
3) A cult (or just some strange people wearing funny sheets) lived next door to my house when I was very young.
4) When I was younger and absorbed in a book, I wouldn’t be able to hear people talking to me unless they said “chocolate”.
5) I feel strangely nostalgic for defunct comic book characters like Amethyst and E-Man.
6) When I was just learning to talk, I parroted a phrase that my father taught me, “My name is Herman Goering” at Passover dinner. Fortunately, no one else could understand what I was saying.