five things

Hmm, I’ve been tagged by Chicken Spaghetti and need to write 5 things about me, based on blog posts.

1) This has been a busy year. I got married and moved Out West after living on the East Coast for almost 4 years.

2) Other than the horrific wine closet, and a few ugly light fixtures, my condo is no longer terrifying.

3) Although I’ve been slowing down with posts to my knitting blog, I still knit! I just don’t happen to have many exciting projects to show off.

4) I saw Children of Men the other day and thought it was great, and not just because I like watching movies where Clive Owen cries.

5) I have a monthly manga budget, but I’m not going to say how much I spend.

If they want to play, I’ll tag pajcat, doom, nat, Larocque and Roll, and newcybrary.