No More Classes

I taught my last 2 classes today. I’m spending a bunch of time now documenting things and finishing projects. I’ve thrown out a surprising amount of paper I was keeping in my files – just stuff for my personal use, the next person who has my job is going to inherit a few legacy files about library instruction where I work. I’m sure the partially full file drawer will fill them with joy 🙂
My wedding invitations went out earlier this week, and I think my wedding web site is almost done, so that’s another project I’m wrapping up. I’ve been checking for jobs out west where I’m moving, and I haven’t seen anything that I could apply for. In some ways, I don’t mind very much because I don’t think it would be all that bad to have a slight break from libraries. I’ll have plenty to keep myself occupied for a little bit, settling into my new condo and trying to defug the former owner’s decorating. I wonder if I should go back to school to get more training if I can’t easily find a job after I move.