almost the last refgrunt

I have around 3 weeks left of work for my current job. I’m teaching my last classes this week. It all seems a little surreal. With that, I give you a refgrunt:

We have drop-in hours for writing help in the library (staffed by graduate students in English) but they aren’t on duty tonight. A student comes and asks if the librarians are editing papers tonight, and I explain the program to her. She asks if I can help edit her paper anyway, but I tell her that she can stop by during the regular hours for writing help, or e-mail the writing people to set up an appointment.

Here are some scissors for you. Yes, I also have a glue stick.

TD (Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering) books are over there.

I show a student how to search news transcripts and find full text articles from general news magazines.

We have Office installed on those computers.

DF (History of Greece) books are over there.

You can find that Chemistry handbook in the reference collection.

I help a student find articles on insect communication patterns in the Etymology Abstracts database.

Yes, you can check out that museum catalog.

I show a student how to use Statistical Universe and some of our business databases to find information on the tobacco industry.

Those physics conference proceedings and that ancient journal that has gone through around 4 name changes will be over there.

I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have a highlighter.

I help a student figure out what databases to search in for information about education reform in Africa, and then we locate an obscure physics article based on a few topic keywords and the author’s institutional affiliation in web of science. She says I will be sorry for helping her because from now on she will hang out at the desk all the time asking us questions, and I say that’s what I’m here for!

Spanish dictionaries will be over there

Another question about business, it is the alcoholic beverages industry. I bet a class assignment is due very soon.

A couple students come to the desk after wandering around trying to find a journal article only to find that the specific back issue they need is missing from our collection. I check, and it looks like we have online access to the article. I offer to print it from my computer. It turns out it is 40+ pages long. Oops! Well, the students are leaving happy after being frustrated earlier, which I think is good.

Someone is having trouble printing a document that requires a special plug-in. Maybe the computer lab computers might be better for that than the library computers?