slight case of ennui

This is one of those posts where a blogger blogs about being less than enthusiastic about blogging. I’ve been feeling less than invested about blogging library issues recently. I don’t tend to be focused on blogging about a particular topic in any case, but I’m having a hard time focusing on the library stuff. Partially this is because I have no idea what I’m going to be doing career wise in a couple months. If I knew I’d wind up being a YA Librarian or doing web work for libraries (some options I’d pursue if I saw any open positions) I would be blogging the heck out of those topics.

I think that uncertainty about what exactly my future in libraries is combined with feeling less than enthused about some of the dominant topics of current dicussion in library blogs is making me feel like library blogging is more of a chore and not as much of an automatic activity. But I think this type of thing happens from time to time.

Now I’m going to watch Karate Bear Fighter and knit a lovely sweater.