Inexplicably Cranky

I’ve been cranky all day for no good reason. To start off my day I forgot I had a meeting and showed up late, everything progessed from there. Now I’m at home drinking a Bass and knitting, so I’m starting to mellow out. It is a good thing I’m going on a mini-break to visit the future Mr. Tangognat in the middle of the week. Happy Thoughts!!! Here are some links:

Carnival of the Infosciences #26
Happy belated birthday to neilalien
Crochet Tomato Gallery
I read the first volume of Monser, and it was great. There’s a new Flipped column up talking about books from CMX. I never seem to be able to find Chikyu Misaki in any book or comic store, I guess I’ll have to order it.

Thanks to the people who’ve ordered stuff through the little amazon box on the right! That and the adsense ads are going to be it for me in terms of trying to get a few pennies from blogging, in anticipation of my upcoming voluntary unemployment.