Valentine’s Day Refgrunt

Check out the first blog Carnival of Children’s Literature (via Big A little a, who also points to a review of a book library people should find most amusing)
Household Opera is going to start a series on why research is hard, check it out.

Wow, it was dead at the desk today. I really think that when short people wear long leather trenchcoats, they look the opposite of tough. I say that as a short person! It isn’t a good outerwear choice.
Bound periodicals are over there.
This is how you print things.
A student wants to research student life on campus in the 1960s and 1970s, I suggest the University archives as a starting point, and give him the hours and contact information.
That book is in processing, it isn’t on the shelves yet. Did you want to fill out a request form for it? No, you’ll check back later? OK.
You can add money to your copy card over there.
Community member wants to know where our legal reference books are. I show him and mention the electronic resources he can also use.
I wander around, cleaning up the scattered golf pencils.
Are you having problems printing that document? Try one more time, and let me know if you get the error message. Yay, it worked!
That book should be over there.
I help a student request a play from another library.
You can help yourself to that scrap paper.
I wander around logging a couple computers out of e-mail accounts someone left up and running.
I transfer a call to another department (the department in question seems to be reticent about posting its phone number on the web site).
Out of the corner of my eye, I think I see someone carrying a giant container of orange juice into the library…..she’s gone.
I’m sorry, I don’t know where our 3 hole punch is.