cars, gardners, and beans

The movies I watched last week:

Transporter 2 – I do like watching action movies that don’t pretend to be anything else. Our hero Frank is up against Evil Italian Guy in a White Suit and his sidekick Crazy Lingerie Lady With Guns. The action and fight scenes are improbable and goofy, but nothing really reaches the heights of the oil and bike clips scene of the first movie. There is a great sequence with a firehose that comes very close.

The Constant Gardner – the movie that signals the return of fall movie season. This was good, sometimes I think Ralph Fiennes has a tendency to ham things up, but he underplayed his role which suited the character he was playing.

The Brothers Grimm – Lovely to look at but the plot was seriously lacking. This was what I expected before going to see the movie. Like my sister, I was also confused as to why the reference to “magic beans” was repeated over and over without the beans putting in an appearance towards the end of the movie.