second day of school

Wow, it was busy at the desk. I think the bookstore has been slower than usual with getting textbooks in, because there were more panicked people checking to see if the library had their textbooks than I remember ever encountering before.

The Infotrac databases from Gale changed their interface a few days ago. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the list of related subjects that appear on the side. I think this type of feature works ok when it seems to be drawn directly from your results list, say in vivisimo when I search for a takeshi kitano movie. But when I was searching the Gale Databases for a combination of the director’s name and the movie title “Fireworks” and limiting the search to film reviews, I was getting suggested links on the side about the Gucci Fireworks company. Not so relevant to me, it would be much better if the suggested links were based on the subjects of the articles in my initial results list instead of just matching the keyword.