Blogging at my library

We’ve been blogging internally for a while now, but we have a couple projects that would call for a public blog. One is a discipline-based blog to help with outreach for people with research projects (faculty, graduates, and undergraduates). A smaller library on my campus has a perfect project for a blog, they need to be posting many pictures and updates for the patrons they serve. Even though it should be no surprise that there is tons of bureaucracy in academia, the red tape involved in trying to set up a new web-based service is quite astounding. We currently use outside hosting for our internal blog, and another library on campus also uses outside hosting. Partially this is because the servers here aren’t set up to support much blogging software. People are protective about their servers and concerned about security and supporting a new service.

We had a bit of a mini-breakthrough earlier this week, and it sounds like we’ll be able to set up the small library with a blog. I’m going to help out with this project, I think we’re going to use Blogger to power it becauce we wanted something that will be very easy for staff to use. The project that they’re going to blog about is very focused, so I don’t think the lack of category support for posts in Blogger will be a problem. I’m going to be helping staff set the blog up, do a bit of training, and probably serve as support if any questions come up. I wouldn’t be doing any blogging myself though. I’m happy that more people here will be blogging!

Now I need to remind myself of how to use Blogger over the weekend so we can get everything set up ASAP.