summer teaching

Usually in the summer I have almost no classes. I tend to try to update online library instuction stuff and plan ahead for next year. The type of classes that I tend to work with over the summer tend to be outside students enrolled in special summer classes. Earlier I taught three classes for students enrolled in an intensive English program, and today I worked with a group of high school kids. The kids were great, their instructors had blocked out two hours for a library visit and the students were able to have plenty of time to explore their topics and locate articles. Since they were all working on fairly short papers with developed but still general topics I didn’t spend too much time on showing them how to track down print journals in the library. We talked about the difference between using search engines and article databases for research, and I showed them how to search Expanded Academic. Since there was so much time set aside for the class, many of the students also looked up books and we were able to go to the stacks in groups to locate them.