movies based on books

I’ve seen a couple movies based on books recently:

War of the Worlds – What I found terribly exciting, made me grin with glee, and caused me to totally freak out with anticipation and restored my faith in good movies was…. the trailer for the Transporter 2 that ran in front of War of the Worlds! Yes!
War of the Worlds was a very disposable summer movie. Good if you want to sit in an air conditioned movie theater for a couple hours.

Howl’s Moving Castle – I need to reread the book again, my impression was that this is really more of a Mizayaki film than an adaptation of the Diana Wynne Jones novel. Some of the character motivation and development is lost, as Sophie’s relationship with her family is basically cut out of the movie. But Miyazaki does some wonderfully strange and surreal animation. The Castle is wonderful, and it was nice to see the relationship between Sophie and Howl develop. The ending of the movie is a bit rushed, but any Miyazaki movie is so much better than most of the animated movies produced in America. I really enjoyed it.