listserv agony

I now have more sympathy for the people that flood listservs with “unsubscribe me” messages. I’ve been trying to sign off a listserv for a couple weeks. The normal way of signing off doesn’t seem to work because I technically have a couple e-mail addresses, a firstname.lastname e-mail address and a partialname# e-mail address. My outgoing mail seems to be sent out as firstname.lastname, and when I send the command to sign off the list, I get a message that I’m not able to unsubscribe. So I follow the procedures to send a message to the listserv administrator. I’ve sent a message to the listserv administrator 3 times asking to be removed and gotten no response.

Meanwhile, I get a message in my inbox saying that I’ve been subscribed
to an ALA listerv because I’m attending a pre conference. It is great that ALA is doing more stuff online, but I don’t think signing people up for a listerv without their consent is very cool. If I set an out of office e-mail auto reply, it is yet another listserv I have to unsubscribe from and then resubscribe to later as I embark on my massive road trip to illinois in June. In this case, I would really prefer something like a blog that I could visit when I felt like it.

One solution would be to just start a generic e-mail account when subscribing to listservs, or using bloglines to get all my stuff from ala, but part of me likes subscribing to stuff like this through my work e-mail simply because it is easier for me to distinguish between work and nonwork communication.