Ask TangognaT: Best Boston Websites

Stefan wants to know what the best Boston web sites are:

I think that the best place to go for buzz from Boston blogs and information about current events is Universal Hub. The guy who runs Universal Hub also runs Boston Online, which features handy articles like the wicked good guide to Boston English and a directory of local links.

There’s always old standbys like, Boston Herald, The Phoenix (their best of guides can give you ideas for restaurants, etc), and craigslist. If you are into shopping Daily Candy has a Boston guide.

Since I am a librarian, I have to point out the coolness of the Boston Public Library.

Sooz blogs a bunch about Boston area events. Sushiesque also posts fun neighborhood pictures from time to time. Bostonites is a big Boston area web ring.

That’s about all that comes to mind immediately. I tend to use Universal Hub as my main place to get local web sites and read selected posts of local bloggers. If anyone has other cool Boston area web sites, please comment!