Flight and Trojans

I finally read Volume One of Flight, which I managed to unearth from a stack of books right before I left on my little mini vacation out west. As many people have written, Flight is a lovely anthology with a loose theme of “flight” that brings together many artists, most of them with a background in web comics. It does just what you’d expect from a first-rate anthology — presents many short self-contained stories that pique interest in the artists’ other work. I really want to pick up Flight Volume 2 at some point but for now I’ll content myself with this preview.

Another comic that has been on my “to be read” list for a long time is Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze. I’ve picked up a couple single issues here and there, but decided that it read better when collected, so I’ve been waiting to read the trades. I’ve now read A Thousand Ships, and I’ve started on Sacrifice. Isn’t it nice how much reading you can get done when you’re on vacation 🙂
There are tons of sample pages up on the website if you want to get a feel for the realistic art and storytelling style. I think Age of Bronze would be fun to read if you were also studying the Iliad at the same time.