medical manga

Ray #1 by Akihito Yoshitomi (amazon) – I bought this basically because the premise of the story was so crazy. A girl is kidnapped by human organ farmers, her eyes are removed, she’s saved and given an eye transplant, her new eyes have x-ray powers, and she grows up to become an underground surgeon with amnesia. Ray is very confident, which certainly helps her deal with her clients, who tend to be criminals. She has a shaggy looking sidekick who supplies her with medical equipment. I wonder though, if it is sanitary to be performing surgery while wearing a tube top and shorts. Somehow I would expect a surgeon to be covered up a bit more. There is quite a bit of nudity/panty shots in Ray, about what you would expect from a mature readers title with a male audience. The series didn’t really interest me enough to want to keep picking it up, although I do like the story idea of a female surgeon dealing with the underworld.

Ray contains a couple of references to Osamu Tezuka’s famous surgical manga, Black Jack. I think another more contemporary medical manga not translated (in the formal sense, there are fan sites for it) here yet would be “Team Medical Dragon,” which seems to be about a med student fighting against the medical establishment. Also, there’s Shuho Sato’s “Black Jack ni Yoroshiku” which has been adapted into a live action drama series.