midnight pancakes

Isn’t eating breakfast food in the middle of the night one of life’s great luxuries? I had to work the late shift tonight, didn’t get home until 11 pm and I was craving pancakes. My copy of the Joy of Cooking automatically opens to the pancake page. Ah, lovely, lovely pancakes! I’m glad I walked both to and from work today, I doubt that will balance eating so many carbs before bed but at least I was semi-active. I didn’t walk home in the middle of the night, I went to work in the morning, came back home at noon, went to work again at 5:30 and now I’m back, tired yet joyfully stuffed with pancakes.

So, a pancake infused refgrunt:

Books are over there
Here are more staples
This is how you find old Chemistry journals, this is where they are in the library, you can request that article through interlibrary loan
She needs information about a contemporary Jewish musician and she’s already used the music databases…I show her WorldCat and EthnicNewsWatch and print an article from Lexis Nexis for her.
I’m sorry we don’t have state tax forms.
I spend a bunch of time trying to locate a particular type of map of the Ottoman Empire right before World War I. Thank you historic atlases!
Books are over there
You can put a trace on that missing book at the circulation desk
No, we don’t give away extra notebooks here, but you can have some scratch paper.
Book on social psychology experimentation
Books are over there
How to access e-journals
You’d get more results if you search for Brooks, Gwendolyn
Books are over there
How to use EconLit
We open tomorrow at 8:00
I wonder why people are doing jumping jacks in the library
I suggest ways someone can enlarge an image they printed out from a web page
Books are over there