daylight savings ennui

I hate losing an hour! I was feeling tired all last week (I worked 2 evening shifts, which was a little exhausting) and I taught a bunch of classes too. I always get weary of teaching a couple weeks before I’m all done for the semester. I have a few classes this week and next week and then I’m all done.

One admirable habit of the future Mr. Tangognat is that he sometimes sends me gift cards to bookstores — so today I hit Borders, they were having a buy 2 graphic novels get 1 free sale, and I ended up picking up one of the new Sin City trades, xxxHOLIC #4, Tusbasa #4, and Saikano #1. And I ended up paying .94 cents thanks to the sale and giftcard. Wooooo!

I went to see Sin City, and walked out feeling exhilarated and numb at the same time. Visually it was stunning, I haven’t read any of the comics before but it did seem like Frank Miller’s idea of ‘noir’ was amped up so much it verged into self parody at times. Clive Owen certainly makes being covered in tar look very very very good, Elijah Wood was quite creepy, and Mickey Rourke was great.