Isabella, Filenes, and Bollywood Jane

Well, my Mom and my little sister and my stepfather are in the Boston area scoping out east coast colleges. Today we went to two major attractions of Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Filene’s Basement. The Gardner museum was stuffed full of so much stuff, I started feeling a little dizzy after walking through only a couple rooms, because I wasn’t sure where to rest my eyes. I hadn’t been to the museum before because usually when people visit me, I’m still working during the day so they tend to do more sight-seeing stuff when I’m not around.

After doing some shopping we went to see Bride and Prejudice, which I enjoyed because it isn’t too often that you see a movie so unabashedly cheesy. It was fun seeing elements from Pride and Prejudice reflected in the Indian setting. There were a couple familiar actors from American TV — Alexis Bledel pops up briefly as Georgina Darcy and Naveen Andrews (Sayid on Lost) plays the Mr. Bingley role. I can see why some of the reviews of the movie said that the Bollywood elements were a little off, because some of the musical numbers could have been a little more over the top. It was still a really cute movie.