a heartwarming tale of library instruction on a wicked cold night

So in a class that I taught earlier today, some of the students were looking at some of the subject encyclopedias I brought in, talking about photocopying articles, and writing down the call numbers so they could go to the reference collection and use them later!!!!

OK, that’s what warms my heart, isn’t it sad? I do really like it when students use print resources, instead of confining their research only to article databases, especially when they are in the early stages of a project and could really stand to benefit from some background information. I feel like lighting a candle for one of the patron saints of libraries. Or burning incense for Manjushri (I guess because wisdom is associated with him).

I’m now really tired of the snow after standing outside in the cold for around 45 minutes to catch my bus home from work. I tried my “Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled.” denial technique. You know, what Spock says when confronted with pain. I really watched too much Star Trek during my formative years. I found it sort of difficult to apply this technique to standing outside in a blizzard though:

The snow in my shoes is a thing of the mind.
My pre-frostbitten fingers are a thing of the mind.
My icy nose is a thing of the mind.
My damp snow coated coat is a thing of the mind.
The pizza delivery car that I am thinking of carjacking so I can use the pizza as warm gooey insulation from the cold is a thing of the mind.

The Spock pain denial technique really didn’t work too well. Perhaps you also have to have Vulcan physiology. Anyway, I’m home now drinking boozed-up cocoa and eating cinnamon toast, which makes everything better.