day in the life

I’m both inspired by and ripping off Dorian:

6:30 Wake up, am amazed that I have woken up so early. Went to bed at 1:00 last night. This is early for me (I am a night person, and really need to train myself to get to bed than 2 am).

6:35 I get coffee and cereal, eat breakfast in front of my laptop reading my aggregator

7:00 Mr Tangognat calls to make sure I am awake. He is a swell guy.

7:30 Stumble out the door, run to catch the bus

7:50 Arrive at work. Do some preparation for class, go the stacks and pull a few books on media and social class to show students.

8:30-9:20 Teach. Many students are sleepy. But they all seem to find some articles on their topics. I usually try to only demonstrate things for around 2/3 of the class period, so that everyone has at least 20 minutes to explore the library resources with me roving around to help

9:25 Notice that no one is on the reference desk. This is strange. No one knows who is supposed to be on the reference desk. This almost never happens where I work. I decide to lurk at reference desk in case anyone has any questions

9:30 No one has any questions.

10:00 Someone else comes out to cover the reference desk, I go back to my cubicle and read e-mail

10:30 Start working on tutorial project. Have forgotten Javascript.

12:00 Am still having a really hard time absorbing any knowledge of Javascript

12:10 Go to kitchen to get yogurt. Find co-workers clustered around new microwave, which doesn’t work. Start performing intense microwave experiments with a cup of water. The cup of water remains cold. A librarian remarks that the microwave manual has no index, and thus is useless. The web developer wanders in and we inform him we are doing usability testing on the microwave and it is not usable. Another librarian suggests that we write up our microwave experiments and present at a library conference. It might not be worse than many presentations at library conferences 🙂

12:25 Eat yogurt while editing web pages.

12:45 Co worker stops by to inform me that the old non-working microwave is back and working while the non-working new microwave is gone. Huzzah! Now I can bring my frozen dinner tomorrow, secure in the knowledge that the microwave is working. I contemplate migrating my department’s blog over to WordPress 1.5. I e-mail my fab web host to check in about a couple things.

1:00 Go buy a muffin. Check out a copy of Naked by David Sedaris. Discuss instructional web pages with another librarian.

1:15 I really really can’t remember simple javascript, and while I can find plenty of examples on the web, none of them are exactly what I want to do.

2:00 Go to library archives to look at pretty images to use on tutorial thing. Find some stuff to scan

2:30 Decide that since I am exhausted and brain dead, I should port my reference department’s blog over to wordpress 1.5. But in the nick of time I figure out that upgrading will break the “E-mail this post plugin” that everyone likes. No upgrade today!

2:35 I attempt to track my shipment from DCBS, it hasn’t come yet although it is “with courier”. I want my comix!!!!

2:45 Prep for a couple classes that are coming later this week and more e-mail. I am so painfully sleepy.

4:00 I am still sleepy, but have gotten some prep work done. Most of the student topics are focusing on various social issues, so I’m figuring out some sample searches and thinking about which databases to show them. Now I go home, feeling very tired

4:30 My package is here, and I’ve got new manga (Kare Kano, Basara, Hot Gimmick, X/1999, Queen’s Knight) and some comics (Vimanarama, 7 Soldiers, Human Target, Astonishing X-Men) to read.

Now, I nap 🙂