back from the big Apple

Mr. Tangognat and I got back from NYC last night. It was a quick trip, and we did a few things but didn’t try to pack tons and tons of activities into each day. We were staying right around the corner from Carnege Hall. We ate tons of good Jewish deli food and cheesecake. We met one of Mr. Tangognat’s old friends from college, and my New York based first cousins. Being librarians, of course one of our recreational activities while on vacation is shopping for books, so we went to the Mysterious Bookshop and The Strand. I bought some Angela Carter books (one of which I already had in her collected short stories, oops) and they had a bunch of first volumes of manga from DC’s CMX line for $1.25. I picked up a couple things. I also went to Kinokuniya and bought the 3rd volume of Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden, a knitting book, and some stationery.

We walked, and walked, and walked some more, went to central park, went to the Guggenheim which was mostly closed up for renovation. Then we walked even more. And more and more. Finally, more walking! And then we were done walking and we flew back to Boston.

Finally, here is a gate. Experience the saffron!!!!