why not collaborate on library web page design?

I’m not going to disagree with this post on the wretchedness of design as seen on many library web sites. One thing I wonder though, given the collaborative nature of librarianship, why aren’t more people collaborating on design? Why aren’t there some free library homepage or opac templates? I think for some of the sites that don’t look so great, the individual libraries may not have the staff or time to create a more attractive web site. If there are tons of sites that can generate free templates for blogs, I’m wondering why the same can’t be done for library homepages. I realize that there will be some local design decisions that will need to be supported, but most library home pages have a core set of links in common — link to the library catalog, friends group, electronic resources, web sites, news, community information, how to donate to the library, etc. Combined with information already out there about library jargon, I would think that someone could come up with some great templates that individual libraries could adapt to their needs.