Queen’s Knight 2 and manga links

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Blue Spring sounds good

The second volume of Queen’s Knight abandons the flashbacks and high school drama that were juggled in the first volume , as Yuna goes to Germany to visit her mother and is promptly kidnapped by Rieno, the Knight who has been haunting her dreams. He takes her to a castle in the snowy land of Phantasma, tells her never to go outside, and starts assigning her homework to learn the language of the land so she can become an effective Queen. Yuna isn’t thrilled about being locked up in a castle, forced to wear strange clothes, or having to deal with a churlish Knight, so she begins to plot a means of escape.

Since the story shifts to a different world, I missed a little of the humor that appeared in the first volume whenever Yuna interacted with her family or classmates. But she’s a resourceful heroine and her adventures are entertaining, so I’m looking forward to the next volume.