comics for March

Going through Previews, this is what I’m going to be getting from a certain online comic discounter –


Human Target #20
Street Angel #5
Hopeless Savages B-Sides
Noble Causes #9
Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #1
Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1
I forgot to order Vimanarama #2
Astonishing X-Men #10
X-Men #168 – I hope this is after Peter Milligan starts writing this title.

Graphic Novels/Manga

Basara #11 – This is one of the manga series where I HAVE to get every volume.
Ruroni Kenshin #13 – I don’t feel the compulsion to buy all the volumes of Kenshin, but I’ll check in now and then.
RG Vesa #1 – Vintage Clamp — I can’t afford to buy all the series they’ve put out but sometimes I’ll pick up the first volume to check it out. I think X/1999 is my favorite Clamp series, followed by Clover.
Best of American Splendor -This is a present for someone.
A Distant Soil vol 4
If I wasn’t trying to be thrifty (ha!) I would have picked up some of the reprint volumes of Andi Watson’s Skeleton Key.

This is sadly only a portion of my comic book purchases, I still stop by the comic book store to buy some of the other series I follow. I don’t see much sense in paying full price for any manga or graphic novels, when it is possible to get them for 40% off.