poetry refgrunt III: Refgrunt With a Vengeance

The night shift librarian
was sitting at the desk
She answered many queries
both sublime and grotesque
Look in the architecture section
for construction romanesque

“I can’t download from JSTOR!”
The hapless student cries,
“What’s wrong with acrobat?”
Try photocopying, the librarian replies.
Yes, we do have art books,
in the section ‘oversize’.

The printer says “toner low”
shake the toner cartridge.
Students research stem cells, world wars
Voltaire, psychosis, and gay marriage
The librarian wants to eat yoghurt,
but it’s in the office fridge.

The sleepy librarian
sips some more coffee
Its only nine ‘o clock
You can print, but not for free
Johnny Damon strikes out,
but there’s a homer for Manny!