no Straczynski for me!

I went to the comic book store yesterday. How shockingly out of character for me! It has been a few weeks since I dropped by, so this is what I bought:

  • Daredevil #69, I thought Doc Strange should have been more all-knowing in this issue.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #66, Freaky Friday for Spidey and Wolverine, it was amusing
  • Astonishing X-Men #5, I’m not that upset that Colossus is alive again, but could Joss have come up with a better explanation than “They switched my body with someone else, I think”?!!
  • Elric: Making of a Sorcerer, I probably should have waited for the trade on this one because it was expensive, but it looked so pretty
  • Basara #8, this is one of my favorite manga series
  • Descendents of Darkness, this looks like an amusing shojo manga about one of Death’s flunkies in the bureaucracy of the underworld.

And while I was there, the comic book store guy was telling me that I should pick up the trade of this latest Straczynski authored storyline in Amazing Spider-Man once it comes out, and I was like “Is that the story where Gwen sleeps around and has kids? I really really don’t think I’d be interested in that.” And he went on and on about the writing (he does seem to lurve Straczynski) and how it fits in with Spiderman continuity, and I had to stop him and explain that I’d read the death of Gwen Stacy issues when I was really young and I did not want to sully my childhood memories of Spiderman by reading a comic where Gwen Stacy shacks up with Norman Osborn, the very idea just gives me the creeps. If that makes me an overly nostalgic fangirl, so be it.