mail from Dave Sim

So when Neil Gaiman posted about the offer from Dave Sim to send anyone a signed copy of one of the Sandman parody issues of Cerebus, I decided to write and request an issue. I got it today!!! Mothers & Daughters 14, signed by Dave and Gerhard. And it came with a form letter where Dave writes about going to an exhibit with Chester Brown, getting sidetracked while reading a Whistler biography, and then suddenly realizing that “I had the better part of two days worth of Blog Offspring sitting at the post office. As it turned out, 119 to be exact. So you were busy little Bloggoes and Bloggesses while I was away.

A number of you are beginning to wonder if you’re starting to drive me crazy by this point. Not at all. Actually I find more than enough entertainment value in the letters to compensate for the time it takes to open and read them all…”

He goes on to say that the girls are especially entertaining and prints some excerpts from some of the letters.

Here is a link to my lovely form letter.