the price of ALA membership

I always have to renew my ALA membership in October, because I joined ALA as a student member a month after I started library school. Every time I renew, I fill out the form to change the “area of work”, “type of responsibility” and “type of library”, because even though I have been out of library school and updating my membership information for 4 years, ALA still classifies me as a student. They somehow manage to charge me the base rate of $100 instead of the cheaper student rate. Funny how that works.

I always get sticker shock, because by the time I add in all the sections I belong to, I have a bill of $195.00. Let’s see what I could buy with $195.00:

The entire run of Mars, plus the bonus volume, and three volumes of Magic Knight Rayearth. That’s 19 volumes of manga!

21 skeins of Koigu Premium Painters’ Palette Merino. That’s a bunch of lovely yarn!

The first season of Farscape boxed dvd set, Angel season 4, and the second dvd in the R.O.D tv series. That’s 17 dvds packed with quality entertainment!

Maybe I’ll drop one of my sections and buy a dvd insead….hmmmm. That might justify my ordering of the Star Wars dvd set. I can’t help it, Star Wars is like an insidious addictive drug. Damn you, George Lucas! I’m going to sacrifice some of my professionial development as a librarian to own a dvd where Han Solo still doesn’t shoot first!!!!!!