what I’ve done at ALA annual

Norma’s blogging about what librarians do at ALA

I dunno, I’m not going this year (too much going on this summer and I don’t care for Orlando), but this is a selection of what I’ve done at ALA back when I was in grad school and after I became a librarian, in no particular order:

  • Hung out with old buddies from library school
  • Planned a conference program
  • Attended committee meetings
  • Gone to many, many programs about library instruction, reference, and virtual reference
  • Took notes
  • Walked many miles
  • Attended a poetry reading
  • Went to the ALA job placement center
  • Wandered around the exhibits hall, goggling at famous authors
  • Attended more programs
  • Checked to see if there is anything new and exciting going on in library vendorland
  • Picked up advance copies of books and assorted other conference swag
  • Saw Ben Stein
  • Stood in line for a long time in line to check my email
  • Attended a vendor party in the skydome, had finger food and free drinks
  • Attended even more programs
  • Wheedled free comic books out of vendors
  • Bought manga for 1/2 price when the wheedling didn’t work
  • Attended far too many programs
  • Went to my library school’s alumni party
  • Roamed the streets with my gang of ethnically diverse militantly liberal friends converting everyone to our values of free love , environmental responsibility, socialized medicine, and increased library funding with the hypnotic power of our eyes.

Actually I’ve never done that last item on the list. Sometimes if my brain is too full from going to the conference, I might take a time out and go shoe shopping. Beware my agenda 😉