now on wordpress

For the second time. On my first install I did something to totally muck everything up. So I deleted everything and started over again. I might not be able to do redirects on my old posts, so I’m sorry for any broken links you may encounter 🙁
Now I’m going to drink for a bit and then see what I can do to fix things up.


Ok, I’ve put up a custom 404 page that will hopefully redirect people to category/monthly archives. For me, where things went all wrong was when I tried to get movabletype to export the old individual archives as redirects to the new blog. Bad things happened 🙁
And I tend to get frustrated and try to fix things very quickly, causing more brokenness. I did not do what any sane, calm, and collected person would do and head over to the wordpress support forums.

The librarian in me hates to break links, but all the old content seems to be here just fine.
I think realistically all that will happen is that I will loose my abnormally high yahoo page rank for people searching for “Peach Girl.” That might not be the end of the world.

I am very happy I made the switch, looking forward to learning more about wordpress, and need to donate once I get paid 🙂