more wordpress experimentation

I did a little bit of work on the css for my wordpress knitting blog, I downloaded one of the excellent styles on Alex King’s wordpress styles page and modified all of the images and used different colors. I’d really like to be able to come up with both the structure and css for a site design someday, but I’m happy with the design. It kept me occupied over the weekend. This was the first time I’ve really played around with Fireworks for many, many hours. I’m really not that comfortable with using image editing software yet.

So, many thanks to my friend from library school who sold me her copy of Dreamweaver Studio MX for cheap!!!

The more I play around with wordpress, the better I feel about migrating over to it. I have the go ahead to migrate over my little sister’s blog, and I think wordpress will be a better option for her as well, because it makes it easier to add and categorize sidebar links without having to know html. In this case, installing another instance of wordpress just in her subdomain makes sense as well. So I will switch her over in the next couple weeks before I switch over this blog. Because what are little sister’s blogs for, if not to test out blog software migration?