I got wordpress

I managed to get wordpress going. I haven’t transferred anything over. I decided to set up a knitting blog, as it was the easiest subcategory of the things that I write about here to spin off into its own area. There will probably be very intermittent blogging going over there, as I am slow with the knitting, and it is more of a test blog than anything else.

The fabled 5 minute set-up took me more like 15 minutes, but I was trying to set things up during the commerical breaks of the Alias season finale. Is it bad that I find slightly sadistic torturing Vaughn so much more attractive than the mopey Vaughn that has been present for most of the season? So far, I’m digging wordpress, but I’m going to give myself some time to play around with it before I decide if I want to transfer everything over.

I feel like I have a shiny new toy! I am such a geek!