referral log reference questions

It is time for another round of referral log reference questions! A question that many people come to my site seeking an answer for is “What happened to Wayne from What not to Wear?” I do wonder why people are researching what happened to Wayne when they could just worship Trinny and Susannah of the original British version of the show, they provide an interactive tool on their website that tells you what to wear.

Fear not, gentle readers, for I have your answer. Using a reference source that arrived at my house via unsolicited 3rd class mail, I can tell you that Wayne….went to the Spiegel catalog, where he is giving women advice on how to mix 10 essential pieces to create your own individual style. He has also been spotted on Style Court. So you don’t have to worry! Wayne is still working, even if he is a lackey of Spike Jonze’s catalog empire that still inflicts shoulder pads and really large belts on women who should have given them up in the 1980s.