books in the house

I was able to free up an extra bookcase in my house by buying some cheap shelves for my dvds (I was holding the camera crooked, it doesn’t actually lean):
yellow shelves

I was able to do some shifting around, and I now actually have a few inches of empty space on a couple shelves, and instead of having my unread books arranged in piles on the floor, I now have an unread books shelf!

For a librarian, my personal library is extrememly chaotic. There is no alphabetical order, but somehow the Jim Thompson books all end up lumped together on the same shelf. Non fiction has its own area. Mass market paperbacks are stacked up horizontally. Childrens and young adult books have their own general area, as do books I like to read if I have the flu (Little Women, Hero and the Crown, and I Capture the Castle). Poetry books and graphic novels get their own bookcases. Other than that, anything goes.

How is your home library organized?