unplugged thanksgiving

I’m flying back tomorrow, I’ve had a very relaxing thanksgiving and after hauling my laptop across the country, this is the first time I’ve taken it out of the case. My RSS reader has over 1000 stories I haven’t read yet.

Instead, I made my way through some books (finished the first part of Quicksilver, and The Gunslinger), and manga (read first volume of teen romance Mars).

I saw Love Actually. It was so overpoweringly cute! I was surprised at the way it managed to incorporate almost every single romantic comedy cliche (run! run and tell her that you love her!!!), yet it was still really funny and I liked it a lot, probably due to all the british actors.

Also saw Kill Bill and the Matrix Revolutions again, because they are festive holiday movies! And rented the Hulk, which I had steered clear of when it was in theaters. The ending was so incomprehensible, I can see how Ang Lee was trying to duplicate the experience of reading a comic book with some of the multiple panes and screenwipes, but it just didn’t come together for me. I’m now pinning all of my comic book movie hopes on hellboy.