I’m on a bit of a vampire kick now, so I finally started watching Hellsing, a lovely show about a vampire vampire hunter named Alucard (cute name, huh?) who works for the Hellsing Organization, a secret society in London dedicated to the eradication of all vampires. His boss is a very driven British woman named Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing, who inherited her family’s vampire hunting business from her late father.

I knew I’d like this series when I saw the opening credits, which featured a nice jazzy theme song, ghouls crumbling into dust, a black dog with 8 red eyes, and many, many corpses.

Alucard, our vampire vampire hunter anti hero, starts off the first episode with a bang. He doesn’t seem to have any problems blowing holes in his own kind with special blessed exploding silver bullets. In fact, Alucard takes the time to criticize the doomed vampire’s fashion sense before dispatching him. This is a little unfair, I think, because I don’t believe that most vampires could pull off Alucard’s big pimpin’ ensemble of yellow sunglasses, billowing red coat and matching hat.

Alucard turns a female police officer named Seras Victoria into a vampire (after asking her permission nicely), and she spends the rest of the series struggling with being undead. The Hellsing organization is kept busy because someone mysterious is creating artificial vampires by implanting vampirism inducing microchips in humans. Also, the Vatican starts poaching on Hellsing’s turf by sending a crazed knife wielding vampire hunting priest to England.

Hellsing is 13 episodes long, and although it does start off well, it slows down a bit towards the end. There is definitely more room for plot/character development, some of the relationships between the characters aren’t as detailed as they could be. Still, if you are looking for vampire themed anime to watch in this spooky month of October, you can’t go wrong with Hellsing.