great googly moogly

Imagine my shock and surprise when I was goofing off…er I mean to say Engaging in Vital Professional Development by looking at lisfeeds, only to discover that I am listed there! I am now doing a big Wayne and Garth “We’re not worthy!” in lisfeeds’ general direction. Cool!

My first classes of the semester went ok, I think. Random things kept coming up in the middle of the day for me to work on, so I ended up scarfing down an apple and diet coke for dinner while prepping for my classes in the late afternoon, but that is fairly typical of me.

Something is going on with the HVAC system in the classroom. It was very warm. I was overly sweaty. I felt like the Swamp Thing, except for being shorter and female and not as green.

One of the advantages of teaching back to back sessions is you can fix all the stuff you forgot initially in the second session. I left a few things out in my first class only to discover what I’d forgotten when I was helping students individually, leading me to occasionally stand in the center of the room and and inform them about the niftyness of interlibrary loan at random moments. But! It looked like everyone was finding plenty of articles for their projects, and in the little assessment sheet that they handed back to me asking them what they’d learned nearly all said some variation of “Finding articles, narrowing down my searches” which I think is about all you can expect someone to remember from a one-shot BI session. Which is pretty much all I do.

Now I have a horrible sore throat, which I hope is either allergies or the effects of talking at full volume for 2 and a half hours, and not a cold.