I’m slow to catch on

Sometimes it takes me forever to get around to reading something I know I should be reading. I went through much of smallstoriesonline last night. I enjoyed Same Difference, one of the best ‘real life’ comics I’ve read in a long time. There’s also a section of short comics, if you don’t have the time to go through Same Difference. I like this Valentine’s Day one. Scott McCloud digs SmallStories. I don’t follow online comics nearly as much as I should, because usually I’m just trying to keep up with everything I’ve hauled home from the comic book store. I haven’t seen the new McCloud comic being offered through the micropayment bitpass program, mostly because I’m cheap (I am a librarian, after all), I’m not sure if I want to micropay for the content out there other than McCloud’s, and $3.00 is around a third of the price of the next Kare Kano book, which I think is a better value. And I love paper comics. I stare at a computer screen so much at work that I’d rather give my eyes a break when I’m reading a comic.

Have you ever tried to read something, and while the material may be great, for whatever reason (the stars aren’t aligning, the planets aren’t in confluence, you are trying to read Dune when you are 12 and your reaction is “Eh, Atreides Schmatreides”) you just can’t get into it? And then you try to read it years later and you feel like smacking yourself for being so clueless?

I decided to buy myself the 3 collected volumes of A Distant Soil with part of my MA tax refund money. It was very odd picking up the first volume, because as I was reading it, I found that I had the first several pages already memorized. I must have picked up one of the WARP (ick!) published issues of ElfQuest where A Distant Soil ran as a backup feature back in the ’80s. I don’t know why I didn’t continue to read it. Perhaps at the time I wasn’t interested in reading a compelling science fiction story about half-human half-alien psychic orphan teenagers. Maybe I did not find the idea of a motley band of humans banding together under the leadership of an androgynous alien avatar with billowing hair and interesting fashion sense and his pyrokinetic ex-prince/ex-slave boyfriend to fight against a decaying alien society all that interesting. Possibly, I was insane or too poor to buy any issues when it first came out.

I do recommend A Distant Soil, but if you haven’t been living under a rock like me, you’ve probably already read it.

I still haven’t read Dune though.